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Enact Solutions assists in the training of emergency focused roles, as well as in creating plausible emergency situations and drills which allow teams to put their training and systems to the test. We bring in excess of 50 years combined real-world emergency management experience to the table and we focus on what matters most. From office environments to large scale, multi-layered industrial operations, our team will create realistic scenarios and guide your teams through the challenges that accompany an emergency.  
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Enact Solutions assists businesses and organisations in preparing for emergency situations. 
As the age old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. We appreciate however that accidents do happen and that when they do, the extent to which they cause disruption varies. Taking the time to prepare for an emergency situation is not only a legal obligation, it is the smart thing to do. Teams that can respond to an emergency situation effectively, are likely to contain an incident more effectively and reduce the impact of the incident. 
About us


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